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January 17, 2007

Neural n. 26 IN PRINT


Available Now

The Neural n. 26 in English is available: 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION! -- 3 issues + 1 Interferenze catalogue; Europe - 24,90 Euro; World - 38.97 U.S. Dollars.

CONTENTS: new.media.art . Rafael Lozano Hemmer (interview), .Golan Levin (interview), . Exonemo (interview), . Always On, new augmented space and its memory, . news (Academy, The Familiar Stranger Project, Bion, Media Mirror, Spam Plants + Spam rchitecture) . centerfold: 'Annual Checkup' by Lisa Erdman

e.music: . John Oswald (interview), . Geir Jenssen/Biosphere (interview), . Brian Mackern (interview), . news: (Distant Views/Culture Catchers, Paper Record Player, Yesnation, DJ Artyom, Tactical Sound Garden) . reviews: (Audiotoop, Rolf and Fonky + Scott Pagano, Carpet Curtains, KNBSC505, Music Dances Itself, Nasca, on perspectives, Journal for People) . reviews cd: (Rafael Toral, Stephan Mathieu + Janek Schaefer, Taylor Deupree, Yannis Kyriakides, Matt Rogalsky, Gabriel Paiuk + Jason Kahn, Kira Kira, Tim Exile, Anla Courtis, Vitor Joaquim, Montreal Sound Matter, Jacob Kirkegaard...)

hacktivism: . Heath Bunting (interview), . Rick Silva (interview), . Bare Life innovation, . news (The Sheep Market, TrackMeNot, Reject Me, Dark Source, Crucifix NG). reviews: (Y.Benkler - The Wealth of Networks, E.Halter - From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games, J.Leandre - Archivos Babilonia, R.F.Jorgensen - Human Rights in the Global Information Society, W.H.K.Chun - Control and Freedom)

The NEW NEURAL WEBSITE is online: please check it and subscribe to RSS feeds, if you want.

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