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January 17, 2007

S O N I C B E D _ L O N D O N plays



Watermans New Media Gallery: S O N I C B E D _ L O N D O N :: From January 24 - February 28 :: Meet the artist Kaffe Matthews on 6 February from 3pm :: This is a free event. Booking advised on Tel 020 8232 1010 or email info[at]watermans.org.uk

Everyone is welcome to take part in Watermans’ new exhibition Sonic Bed_London, a specially designed king sized bed that covers every inch of your body with sound. Stand near the bed and you will hear its music, lie in it and you will feel it. Changing from subtle to dynamic, at times even beyond hearing, Sonic Bed plays music for you to feel rather than just listen to.

Sonic Bed _London is a sonic and social experiment, an exploration of our perception of sound. With its 12 channel surround sound, Sonic Bed_London is the ultimate in home entertainment! At Watermans, Sonic Bed_London plays "pluckEhisquare_anti", a sound work commissioned by Rich Mix that brought together for the first time Mumbai based musician/composer Shri and sound artist Kaffe Matthews from London. Classical tabla, flute and contemporary bass blend in ever changing combinations. Recombined by programmer/musician David Muth the playback elements system ensures that the resulting piece: "pluckEhisquare_anti" never repeats itself.

Sonic Bed_London, received an ‘Award of Distinction’ by Arts Electronica 2006, Digital Music category. The first Sonic Bed was commissioned by Electra for Her Noise exhibition in 2005.

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