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January 15, 2007

New Media Consortium Campus



NMConnect: CALL FOR ARTISTS :: February 11-12-13 :: New Media Consortium Campus In the Virtual World of Second Life.

Talented creatives from around the world gather in virtual worlds to shape space for infinite potential. Connect the Dots with hundreds of artists as we Illuminate and innovate together to weave new networks. NMConnect Visual Symposium is the largest collaborative art event ever created in Second Life. Artists in every medium can submit works for one of six themes of common interest: LOVE :: WISDOM :: TRUTH :: PEACE :: BEAUTY :: CHAOS

NMConnect will include forums hosted by AMO Studio, NMC and the Better World Scouts to spotlight creative ideas and solutions for the next generation. Leaders from every discipline are welcome to submit proposals for art, interactive media and performance. To Share Your Visual/Media Art
Visit http://www.nmc.org/sl/nmconnect.php to connect your installation.

* Provide Name of Avatar
* Reliable Email contact
* Name of piece to be presented
* Medium and format
* Space and Number of prims needed
* Special scripting/features to consider (sound, light, video, interference)
* Graphic images, links or slurls

All installations and Performances must be ready and available to place between February 7th – February 9th on the NMC Campus in Second Life. Please inquire early for projects over 20 prims and prepare a notecard to help visitors at the event connect. Present, Perform or Participate.

Email InKenzo[at]gmail.com with a vision of your work in context.

•Information about your presentation or performance
•Name and Email contact
•Space, prims and technical/media needs
•Preferred time, format, co-presenters and associations

Volunteers are welcome

Posted by jo at January 15, 2007 05:50 PM