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January 15, 2007

16 Beaver Group


The Case for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq + National Protest

16 Beaver Group :: Civil War, Occupation & Resistance: The Case for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq; A Discussion with Anthony Arnove and Michael Schwartz :: When: 7:00 pm, Wednesday 1.17.07 :: Where: 16 Beaver Street 4th floor :: All are invited.

On the occasion of the release of the paperback of Anthony Arnove's most recent book Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal, please come to a discussion about the real roots of the violence in Iraq and why the US seeks to continue the occupation. Anthony will be joined by Michael Schwartz for an important conversation about what it will take to build a movement to bring the troops home NOW.

Michael Schwartz is a professor of sociology at Stonybrook University and longtime critic of U.S. foreign policy. His writings have appeared on TomDispatch, ZNet and other Web sites.

About January 27th National Protest: BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!!!! U.S. OUT OF IRAQ!!! Join hundreds of groups, and thousands who oppose the war in a national PROTEST IN WASHINGTON, D.C.

72% of soldiers deployed in Iraq wanted troops out by the end of 2006.
Instead, the new year saw the US occupation of Iraq reach even further depths of barbarism. 3,000 US soldiers are now dead while Iraq continues to descend into civil war as a result of the US occupation. The public hanging of Saddam Hussein was just the latest attempt to justify a continued US presence in the name of "democracy." Yet 90% of Iraqis polled believe things were better under Hussein than they are today. Real justice for Iraqis can only come from an immediate withdrawal of US military from the entire Middle East.

Despite growing discontent, the one thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that the US cannot leave. In fact, Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq. The politicians and media claim that the US must stay in Iraq in order to "stabilize" the country and stop civil war. But it is the US occupation that is the source of the violence in Iraq today and there can be no peace until the occupation is ended.

United for Peace and Justice (1500 organizations) is teaming with over 500 additional groups to march on Congress to insist the US get out of Iraq. Massive numbers are expected to rally and march around the Capital on January 27 at the start of a 3-day event. We will assemble at 11:00 a.m. on the east end of the National Mall, the end closest to the Capitol, and will march on a route that will literally circle the Capitol. We'll make sure the Congress hears us.

Momentum is building for this urgent mobilization. There are already more than 500 endorsements for the demonstration and we are hearing from groups around the country that they are organizing to get people to Washington DC.

Information and details about buses leaving from NYC will be available at tonight's discussion. For more information see also www.unitedforpeace.org and http://nyc.indymedia.org/en/index.html

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