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January 16, 2007



Call for Participation

TRANSMISSION.06/mimesis (tactics of mimetic intervention in everyday life) is an open call for the creation of an art archive about public interventions concerning camouflage and invisibility strategies in everyday life. This is the last part of the three year project TRANSMISSION (2004-2006), curated by progettozero(+).

This project intends to investigate the strategies and the dynamics of camouflage and likeness, of subtle sabotage and tampering: the techniques of fusion and intrusion between artistic language and daily life, media and public languages. The selected works of the archive will be proposed via web and then displayed in different locations across Europe.

You should carry out an intervention in a public/urban space (including media), using and altering the languages present in the context. These actions should attempt through mimetic strategies to render themselves invisible as art projects. These acts of "guerrilla communications" and interferences, aim to alter their contexts without being recognizable as such.

Posted by jo at January 16, 2007 02:22 PM