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September 19, 2004

connect to art


Nokia's Connect to Art Brings Art to Mobile Phones

Connect to Art is a new dimension of art and Nokia's answer to artists' need to find new, innovative channels for artistic expression and ways to reach new and existing audiences by using new methods.

Connect to Art launches with a mobile exhibition featuring three Finnish artists, Stefan Lindfors, Osmo Rauhala and Kati Aberg. Each artist has created audiovisual works of art that draw on the advantages of new media and mobile phones as an alternative channel for distributing art and as a unique environment for experiencing it.

Nokia's vision is life goes mobile. In the future, people will create, distribute and consume digital information and entertainment almost anytime and anywhere, each according to their needs. Already today, features such as news, music and games can be enjoyed in a mobile environment. It is only natural that art will go mobile, too.

Connect to Art will first be introduced in Finland. Starting with visual artists, the concept will later expand also into music. Connect to Art will later make its debut outside of Finland where artists from other countries will be joining in.

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