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May 19, 2006

Computer Games Edition


aminima #16

The 16th issue of aminima is out and is dedicated to computer games.

Laura Baigorri discusses Game as critic as art; Joan Leandre, Brody Condom and Anne-Marie Schleiner write about Velvet-Strike and France Cadet about SweetPad; Domenico Quaranta talks with Cory Arcangel; there are articles by Molleindustria, Arcangel Constantini, Margarete Jahrmann and Max Moswitzer, Jodi; Alex Galloway has a story about Warcraft and Utopia; the sexiest geek in the galaxy, aka Marta Peirano, writes about Political games; Jillian McDonald presents Stand by your guns and Ricardo Miranda Zuniga his Vagamundo project and there are many many others texts.

Posted by luis at May 19, 2006 01:10 PM