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September 20, 2006

Oslo's interfaces


Interface and Society

In our everyday life we constantly have to cope more or less successfully with interfaces. We use the mobile phone, the mp3 player, and our laptop, in order to gain access to the digital part of our life. In recent years this situation has lead to the creation of new interdisciplinary subjects like Interaction Design or Physical Computing.
Currently we live between two worlds, our physical environment and the digital space. Technology and its digital space are our second nature and the interfaces are our points of access to this techno sphere.
This division will dissolve into a seamless distribution of information technology into most aspects of our life, advertised as ubiquitous computing. Immaterial information and physical objects will fuse into an Internet of Things. Our world will transform into an interface as a whole.

Since artists started working with technology they have been developing interfaces and modes of interaction. The interface itself became an artistic thematic in its technical, social and political dimensions.

Interface and Society investigates artistic strategies and practices which deal with and build upon the transformation of our everyday life through information technology and electronic interfaces.
With the rapid technological development a thoroughly critique of the interface towards society is necessary. The contribution of the artist thereby is relevant. S/he takes the freedom to deal with technologies beyond form, function and usability. The utilisation of an eclectic range of strategies and practices guaranties a diversity of results.

EXHIBITION: 10th to 19th of November
PLACE: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo, Norway

Art by Accident (Kalle Grude, Jan L�chst�er) (no)
Franz Alken and Karl Rueskaefer (de/uk)
Artificial Paradise (uk)
Norene Leddy (with technical lead Andrew Milmoe) (us)
Agnes Meyer-Brandis (de)
Daniel Skoglund (se)
Leonardo Solaas (ar)
Marius Watz (no/de)

CONFERENCE: 10th and 11th of November

Erich Berger (at/fi) - Interface and Society
Bruce Sterling (us/cs) - Spime: a map of ideas
Susanne Jaschko (de) - On the virtuality of public space
Laura Beloff (fi) - Not imagined, it is real
Per Platou (no) - Failure is success (is failure)
Truls Lie (no) - On Guattaris concept of the "machin" as the mental and social apparatus that directs our everyday praxis
Adam Greenfield (us) - Everyware: Some thoughts on the social and ethical implications of ubiquitous computing.
Artificial Paradise (uk) - Instruction Sets
Marius Watz (no/de) - It`s all about the software, baby
Sabine Seymour (at/us) - The Epidermis as Interface, Dynamic Textile Surfaces

Interface and Society is produced by Atelier Nord in collaboration with Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Le Monde Diplomatique (Nordic Edition). Supported by Arts Council Norway and Freedom of Expression Foundation, Oslo. Trolleys provided by ISS Lufthavnservice AS

See http://www.anart.no for detailed information.

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