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September 20, 2006




We would like to invite you to collaborate in res-qualia.net. You can introduce your projects or texts related to the themes: art-science and evolution of consciousness. www.res-qualia.net aims to create an working collaborative environment among artists that are working on the proposed themes. To know all the works that are related to this area and to make them public in different events such as conferences, press, publications, etc. We ask for your participation to know that your work "does exist".

Topics: -Digital-art-science-consciousness -Philosophy of consciousness -Cognitive psychology -Linguistics -Neuroscience -Qualia -Awareness/ Perception -Synaesthesia -Levels of consciousness -Spirituality -Meditation -Evolutionary systems -Emergent behaviors -Adaptive systems -Complexity -Artificial life -Artificial Intelligence -Natural phenomena -Genetics -Transgenic -Life Sciences -Astronomy -GPS technology -Robotics -Virtual Reality -Inmersive Environments -Augmented Reality -Gravity 0.

Posted by jo at September 20, 2006 11:02 AM