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May 19, 2006

Chocolate Infinity


Chocolate Experience for Cadbury

Chocolate Infinity is a project from the HMC MediaLab for Cadburys Chocolate Factory. It’s carried out by Adam Montandon and HMC members. It interestingly used a shock sensitive floor and a series of motion sensors to immerse people in an intriguing interaction (to improve the visitors’ experience):

As you enter the infinity room a giant chocolate bar melts into gloopy puddles beneath you and, when you jump in them, chocolate splashes all over the floor. Then a sprinkling of individual Roses chocolates appear beneath your feet. You won’t believe your eyes when they unwrap as you tread on them – but as you step off they wrap back up.

Chunks of chocolate then fill the floor and when you stamp on them they break open showing gooey caramel, squidgy turkish delight, chunks of mint, orange or Cadbury’s Crunchie inside. Finally you get to chase three Creme Eggs across the floor but don’t stand still because they’ll pop their tops and taunt you until the game is on again.

Why do I blog this? this is one of the trends in roomware: using floor/sensor-based interactions to trigger specific behaviors. I see more and more project about that and I am wondering about potential new places that would allow people to play games with this settings (arcades revival?). [blogged by nicolas on pasta and vinegar]

Posted by jo at May 19, 2006 05:26 PM