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May 19, 2006

Departure & Arrival


Harbour Land/Head/Sketches

As part of the Week of the Sea (20-28 May 2006) on the Dutch island Ameland, foundation Archipel builds for the fourth time a virtual island. This year’s theme is Harbour Land. Harbour Land is a multimedia exploration around the theme "Departure & Arrival."

Media Art Friesland organises two sub-projects for Harbour Land: HARBOUR HEAD and HARBOUR SKETCHES. From 22nd – 26th of May 2006 new material is updated daily at the websites. HARBOUR HEAD will be built via ‘content management systems’ (CMS). The purpose of this project is to generate content with audiovisual recordings and photo’s via experiment with CMS. Ideas and limits of the technique will be searched for, translated by CMS. Random, selected or through association, symbolic or artefacts web collages will arise.

Media artist Michiel Koelink (1972) was invited to be the artistic leader of this project. Jeroen Deen (Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden) will be in charge of the technique.

The team ‘image & sound beachcombers” exists of the artists José M. Biscaya (Portugal 1973), Sun Ha Borger (1980), Gebrand Burger (1979), Sannah den Engelsen (1979), Henrike Gootjes (1979) and students of the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden.

Richard de Boer (1978) is a freelance writer and researcher and will report on a daily basis from Ameland via a blog.

Jeroen Deen is the leader of the project.

For more information contact:
Habour Land: Curator Archipel , Timo Mank - Hollum Ameland 0519 55 44 05 timo[at]archipel.nu.
HABOUR HEAD & HABOUR SKETCHES: Artistic director Foundation Media Art Friesland: Nadine Bors, 06-42670733, info[at]mediaartfriesland.nl.


Provincie Friesland, Gemeente Ameland, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, VVV Ameland, Kabel Noord, Wagenborg Passagiersdienst, Stichting Amelander Musea, Hotel Stay Okay Ameland, Hotel Pension Ambla Ameland.

Nadine Bors
artistiek directeur/ artistic director
stichting/ Foundation Media Art Friesland
F.D Nieuwenhuisstraat 53
8862 WC Harlingen
0031 517 43 40 33

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