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May 19, 2006

333 of 1001 nights cast


Call for Writers

1001 nights cast has just passed the one-third mark. Performance number 333 with a story by Victoria Spence was performed May 19, 2006.

...1001 nights cast travels back to the northern hemisphere on June 11. I'll be based in Madrid, Granada and London for three months, making a special effort to coax both old and new European writers into the pool. Be aware that writing deadlines and performance times will therefore change in relation to wherever you are and my new, later, sunset times. I will miss my Australian audiences who probably won't feel like getting out of their winter beds at 4am to tune in, but I fully expect them all to keep writing. We might have to say farewell to the west coast of north and south america for that period. Don't worry, they'll be back.

If you've been thinking of writing or know someone who might like to write me a story, please make contact with me at this email address...: barbara[at]1001.net.au" -- Barbara Campbell

Posted by jo at May 19, 2006 11:07 AM