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September 20, 2004

Two Works by Zachary Booth Simpson



"(O)ur goal is to use our experience in game development to explore the art of interactivity in contexts other than traditional video games. Our works are both immersive and highly interactive - converting viewers into participants."

Interference: As participants place their hands on the canvas, light emanates in the direction their hand is facing. When a second hand is placed, the light beams interfere with one another creating brilliant and beautiful interference patterns. The simulation is actually an accurate scientific visualization of radio-frequency interferometry, and by the time one has played with it for a few minutes one can't help but intuit the meaning and beauty of Euler's equation even if one has never heard of it! [Download video]

zackadamf1.gifShadow with Adam Frank, Eyebeam Artists in Residence, New York: A disembodied shadow wanders around alone in a corner. When the participant enters, the figure reacts by running away. Aggressively chasing the figure leads only to his fear and escape. When the participants stay still the figure gains trust and steps closer, finally engaging in an embrace. [Download video]

Posted by jo at September 20, 2004 12:03 PM