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September 08, 2004


emotional and spatial residue

int_trans_sequence.gifIntimate Transactions: First Proof of Concept by Keith Armstrong + The Transmute Collective (c) 2003: "A performing body carves through the space, energizing & sculpting the environment in which it inhabits. Stillness is very important. The moment before & after a movement is crucial. The emotional & spatial residue left behind from each action is where the drama lies." Lisa O'Neill

int_trans_body.gifAnd, from the introductory essay by Linda Carroli (c) 2004: "Presently, in Brisbane, 'mixed reality' works...are emerging as a focus for artistic and creative industries research with several projects currently in development. Transmute's core ideas were presented in an "evolving audio-visual experience driven by a highly tactile interface that requires active physical engagement. Individual participants...navigate by either drifting or traveling actively within a landscape comprised from ghostly bodies, dynamic texts and emergent sound." To be more specific: The work is comprised of several elements including a 'body shelf' designed by Zeljko Markov which is the interface; interactive imagery comprising a text-based non-narrative drawing on the story Smog by Italo Calvino and an interactive imagescape based upon a single, ambiguous body image (pictured left) which dissolves, morphs and transforms between states of sublime calm and pixillated agitation; and a fluid interactive soundscape designed by Guy Webster (and his collaborators Woods and Jenkins). Participants are literally shelved on the body shelf in which a number of sensors are positioned to correspond with their hands, feet and back."

Posted by jo at September 8, 2004 11:40 AM