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January 17, 2007

Adam Nash


Interactive Second Life Sculpture Park

[left Anahata The Mute Swan by Adam Nash] Adam Nash (Adam Ramona in SL) has been applying his expert real-time 3D artisan skills within Second Life. Based out of Marni Island, Adam has installed a series of interactive and highly immersive audio-visual sculptures that test the limits of SL’s scripting and audio capabilities. His works are important in helping establishing multi-user virtual envoronments (MUVEs) as a sophisticated, collaborative spaces for artists.

Adam and I collaborated on Cantata Park (below), an interactive, cut-up narrative sculpture located on my piece of Marni. The cooprerative build took place over a week or so with only the audio recordings conducted face-to-face. Design, script/audio embedding, testing and fixes all took place via SL and Skype.

Cantata Park, by Chris Dodds (Mashup Islander in SL) and Adam Nash

More SL sculptures by Adam Nash

Anahata The Mute Swan

Bell Garden


Eudemonia Stallata

Pure Absence

Direct link to Adam’s work: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Marni/220/199/23/
Direct link to christo’s work: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Marni/205/53/25/

Gary Hazlitt publishes the Just Virtual blog and recently interviewed Adam and I regarding the works. [posted by christo Selectparks]

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