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November 08, 2006

Rosalind - Upstart Media Art lexicon


Needs to be Fed

Rosalind - Upstart Media Art lexicon :: Feed Rosalind with your own words and definitions to express and declare what you are, what you do and the worlds you create, on your own terms. Influence and mutate her, help her to maturity. Your words may: - describe something very particular to your life / experience / work - be invented in a moment of desperation - arise in conversation with others - already be in circulation. Examples:

mociology :: The study of the effect of mobile technology and ubiquitous networks on our social interactions. A combination of mobile and sociology. An important term in the rising world-network that we're all blips in the midst of. Reference : rockngo.org/archives/2006/01/mociology.html :: Added by Jon Beardsley.

Mail listlessness :: Anxiety and ennui due to overwhelming list mail in inbox as a consequence of phobic sense of missing something which is not there :: Added by Patrick Simons.

Glass Roots :: An unacknowledged discriminatory barrier that prevents those minorities privileged by class or financial resources from accessing the source of distributed power or responsibility, as exists within a local community :: Added by ruth catlow.

Alpha Revisionism :: Promoting or 'selling' an audience on a concept/product in nascent (possibly premature) stages in order to create popular sentiment & hype about A given idea, product, or action :: Added by Patrick Lichty.

Telememetics :: Study of how memes transmit over networks, what effect the existence and use of networks has on the spread and uptake of memetic infection I invented the word, it is itself a meme. Reference : www.telememetics.com :: Added by ivan007.

Anna Karenin Function :: A function which returns zero on success and a variety of error codes otherwise source:Zack Booth; Inspired by the first line of Tolstoy's Anna Karenin ("Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.") i.e. all happy function calls are alike, every unhappy function call is unhappy in its own way :: Added by maya.

D.I.W.O (Diwo's, or Diwo groups) :: Expanded from the original term known as D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself). D.I.W.I.O 'Do It With Others'. Is more representive of contemporary, collaborative - art practice which explores through the creative process of using networks, in a collective manner :: Added by Marc Garrett.

Netropy :: Propriety that implies that through time, the Internet is forced to always become more and more chaotic :: Added by Clemos.

Catechstrophy - a disastrous technology problem or breakdown, particularly used in the context of live art, performance or installation which involves computers :: Added by Neil Jenkins.

Parasitic Media :: "The parasite is the mystical computer glitch. The parasite is the bandwidth thief. The parasite is the invisible usurper. The shift that takes place in the host, if any, is one so gradual the parasite will be able to feed and thrive without detection. The invisibility of the parasite is only through the eyes of its host organism." Reference : www.carbondefense.org/writing_7.html - :: Added by Ryan griffis.

gxxgle - verb- (to gxxgle) :: To search for a search engine that fights censorship in the face of shareholder greed or state pressure. That doesn't contribute to the development of technology used to implement state firewalls see Reporters Without Borders :: Reference: furtherfield.org/boycott.html :: Added by Rosalind. [from netbehavior]

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