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November 08, 2006

kanarinka bot's


42 or 363 Definitions of Cartography

42 or 363 Definitions of Cartography is a text by kanarinka which attempts 42 or 363 definitions of the term "cartography". None of the definitions are original (i.e. all definitions are stolen). The definitions come from interesting places like cartography journals, Lewis Carroll, other artists, video game sites, cultural theory, Spanish dictionaries, and military training manuals.

Buy print copy at Lulu.com for $11.98 :: Download free book at Free Press.

Free Press by Sal Randolph: 42 or 363 Definitions of Cartography was published via Free Press, an open-access publishing house launched at Röda Sten contemporary art center in Göteborg, Sweden in Fall 2006. A project of artist Sal Randolph, Free Press accepted all kinds of writing from the public; contributions in any language could be as short as a single word or as long as an encyclopedia and could include manifestos, statements, documentations, studies, stories, recipes, poems and whatever you could imagine.

"Even in the age of the internet, book publishing is a walled garden where editors and commercial interests filter out most of what is written," says Randolph. "To publish is to 'make public,' and the published materials of the world create their own kind of public space, a city of books where readers and writers are citizens. Free Press aims to open up access to that public space. Like any city, Free Press is bound to include both ugliness and beauty, though the definitions of each will certainly differ."

All participating manuscripts were published as printed books in the Free Press series, available in the project's library and reading room at Röda Sten, where events and discussions also took place. Additional copies have been placed on shelves in local bookstores and libraries. Readers can download copies from the website and order them at cost from an internet book printer.

The Free Press exhibition took place from September 16 - October 15, 2006 at Röda Sten.

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