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November 08, 2006

Medien Kunst Raum Unna


Call for Applications

The Medien Kunst Raum Unna (MKRU) issues a grant addressing the history of new media. We are looking for concepts that address the social consequences of new technologies without necessarily employing high technology. Media artists from Germany and the European Union are called for proposals for works yet to be realized, selected by a professional jury. The proposal shall stand out through the medial and artistic pervasion of the chosen subject, the possibility to be exhibited in the art context and a high level of artistic quality. Additionally to the artistic concept (2-3 pages A4), a proposal (1 page A4) for a one-day workshop with Unna-based teenagers shall be entered.

The grant is awarded with a single amount of 1500 Euros by the Medien Kunst Raum Unna/ Zentrum für Information und Bildung. Material expenses will be reimbursed up to 300 Euros and a publication will be released. The grant holder will be selected from the submitted entries by a professional jury consisting of an artist, a curator and the artistic director of Medien Kunst Raum Unna. The stipends outcome will be presented in Unna. The grant's presenta-tion is combined with a workshop addressing Unna-based teenagers, who thus will get a chance to learn more about (media-) artistic practices.

Eligible are individuals with residence in a country of the European Union. Proposals can be entered in German and English.

Deadline: December 29, 2006, Application form on http://www.mkru.org

Medien Kunst Raum Unna / ZIB
Francis Hunger
Lindenplatz 1
59423 Unna
Germany Tel: 02303-103-731 (Mo/Di)
Fax: 02303-103-799

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