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September 27, 2004



Investigating Public Space

The PsyGeoProvflux was a two day event investigating how the urban landscape of Providence affects its social and artistic community. Sponsored by PIPS, the Provflux was dedicated to further investigations of contemporary psychogeography and experimental forms of public art. We hoped to create new collaboration between groups and individuals working with and interpreting the urban fabric of Providence. One part conference, and two part experimentation, the Provflux included public space reclamations, maps, 24 hour workshops, and lectures in an effort to discover the unseen in the Renaissance city.

Growing from the efforts of Glowlab in NYC and a larger network of psychogeographers worldwide, the Provflux was initiated after PIPS's participation in the first Conflux in NYC. This year the event has grown, including many more artists and projects deciphering the city in a four day event being held at the same time as the Provflux. We hope the energy generated from both shows can lead to further collaboration between artists and thinkers studying the city.

Posted by jo at September 27, 2004 12:55 PM


The Totimorphous is urban sensitivity. Technology is man's natural habitat. The Totimorphous is a house built out of logic. To know what kind of logic to use in building a house of this type, one first has to know the structure and site. Site added with structure gives one the logic-formula needed for such a construction. The knowledge of site is important, as the site acts as a reference mark for counter-designations of mental activity. Structure acts as the designations themselves. The desert is wide and clear!

A conclusion is never really the termination of any decision. There may, in some arrangements, be many conclusions reached. A conclusion is characterized by an indication of a pause in any mental process. This pause corresponds to a point reached, with an intellectual event, in which a meaning has been calculated for whatever separately considered item was in question. Numerous such pauses may occur during any single debate.

This house is not empty itself; as it is sizeless; and one must have size for shape to enjoy emptiness. This house acts as a kind of marker of the emptiness from a pause created by any conclusion made in debate. The Totimorphous is an address of discarded thoughts. All shiny and new. The desert is wide and clear!

One always know when one has arrived at this house. Not by the pollution of space by the presence of furniture, but by arriving at a conclusion. The desert is wide and clear!

Posted by: GX Jupitter-Larsen at September 27, 2004 06:56 PM