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March 01, 2007



Open Session

The next open session in UpStage will take place on Wednesday 7 March at 9:00 pm New Zealand time (local time converter) - everyone is welcome.

If you're thinking about proposing a performance for the 070707 UpStage festival then this is the time to come along and learn a bit more about UpStage, the new features being introduced with UpStage 2, and how to create graphics and devise your cyberformance. The 070707 call for participation is at http://www.upstage.org.nz/news.html.

If you'd like a guest log-in for wednesday's session please email helen@upstage.org.nz; if you want to come and lurk in the audience to get a feel for things, simply point your browser at http://upstage.org.nz:8084/stages/swaray at the appointed time.

A note for dial-up users: we have been testing UpStage 2 on dial-up, and it does work - however it takes a long time for the stage to load. We recommend that you start loading the stage half an hour before the walk-thru to be sure that you are there on time. Once it's loaded, you may experience some lag but it generally functions well.

helen varley jamieson
UpStage project manager

Posted by jo at March 1, 2007 04:31 PM