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March 01, 2007




11:00 AM FLUXUS ON THE BEACH :: 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach :: come join our FLUXUS parade along Lincoln Road and follow our piano od(d)yssey out to sea. witness Fluxus artists alison knowles and larry miller in performance as they perform a number of piano pieces along the way to the beach in honor of nam june paik - long time Miami Beach resident. An unforgettable experience for all. Be prepared to participate. Bring your bicycles, sport clothing, your kids and friends... Itís free!

2:30 PM FLUX FAIR :: 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Carnival Center plaza :: Bring your cameras and writing utensils to record the FLUX FAIR at the Carnival Centerís outdoor plaza. Also, bring those old shoes that get no wear anymore, and your musical instruments, we have all else. Be prepared to participate in fluxus booth activities. Itís also free. Bring old shoes to donate and let others wear them, your musical instruments-particularly brass, and your pads and pencils and your cameras to document and share with us.

And donít forget to attend:

9:30 PM FLUX EVE CONCERT :: 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Carnival Center - Studio Theater :: This one costs some money ($20) but trust us: itíll be over the top, with lots of lager-scale surprises. A truly fluxus experience that must not be missed.

gustavo matamoros
artistic director
Posted by jo at March 1, 2007 04:48 PM