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September 22, 2006

Upgrade! Tel Aviv + Jerusalem


Yair Reshef + Tsila Hassine

Upgrade! Tel Aviv + Jerusalem :: gathering at 20:00, Tuesday 26th, 2006, @ Daila, Shlomtsion Hamalka st. 4, Jerusalem, free entrance.

Yair Reshef: The perfect Mousetrap :: Ultimately, we experience every interactive system as a risky game. Interactivity always implies the use of energy to initiate and manifest a relationship of call and response. This relationship is bordering on the abusive: the user, the victim, is put by the abuser in an uncertain situation, never fully sure what kind of reactions his actions will yield. Interactive systems never outrun the dangerous, but the danger is downplayed by the user basic trust in the benign intentions of the abuser. The contribution of the victim to his own downfall has been part of warfare from the very beginning and is widely used in guerrilla tactics. It is the very essence of The Booby-trap. But this use of other's energy and motivation can also be applied for navigation and exploration of the system.

Tsila Hassine: The Internet: Who's afraid of too much information? :: In this talk, Tsila Hassine will present three works that tackle some of the crucial issues involved in living in the networked galaxy. These works suggest ways of critically engaging with the Internet's visible matter, and attempt to reveal its dark matter. Through Shmoogle, Ctrl-F Reader and the Historiography Tracer, Tsila conveys her unique approach to the ways the Net can be used and abused.

Tsila Hassine is a media artist/designer whose works deal with the effects of media technology on our culture and daily life. She has recently earned an MFA degree from the Piet Zwart Institute's Media Design program, and currently holds a research residency at the design department of the Jan Van Eyck Academie.

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