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September 22, 2006

Upgrade! Lisbon


Santiago Ortiz

Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea welcomes next Wednesday, September 27th @19:00, Upgrade! Lisbon’s monthly gathering featuring digital artist Santiago Ortiz. Entrance is free and drinks will be served.

Santiago Ortiz will be presenting artificial life and information representation works. His projects relate to the idea (scientific or not) of life. The interactive processes happening inside a cell, between cells, inside a living organism, between living organisms of the same species or from different ones, especially those processes dealing with information, surpass largely in speed, creativity and diversity, human imagination. Both digital art and information representation science can find in life a multitude of processes, devices and ideas.

Genetics represents life as a group of cells loading, sharing and replicating code. Code, a simplifies representation of language, can also be found in the history of human culture (in literature, laws, music, religion…). Digital art creates narrative complexities through code. In all these examples code can be shared and replicated.

The writing of performative code, creative programming, allows writing code that will process other code, that simulates living interactions and constitutes information that will generate more information.

In his presentation for the Upgrade! Lisbon, Santiago Ortiz will show and discuss some of his projects dealing with artificial life and the representation of biological information. In the end, Ortiz will present a small musical performance based on a research addressing the musicalization of a virtual life model, in collaboration with Miguel Cardoso.

Santiago Ortiz was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1975. Artist, mathematician and researcher on subjects such as art, cience and representational spaces, He is the co-founder of Blank, a digital art and culture magazine and of Bestiario.

For more information visit Upgrade! Lisbon at http://www.lisboa20.pt/upgrade

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