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September 22, 2006

The Collision Project


To ‘See’ that which the Eye Cannot

The Collision Project is the result of a collaborative exchange between artist / director Gerhard Marx and composer Clare Loveday, lecturers at the Wits School of Arts. It combines the visual and theatrical skills of Marx with the compositional exploration of Loveday to create a haunting work that is both concert performance, theatrical experience and installation work.

The Collision Project plays with the principles on which both classical and traditional string instruments function; in this case however, the vibration of strings are transferred into the body of a car wreck through cello and violin fragments grafted onto the car. The strings and musical intervention serves to animate through sound, and to explore in the manner that vibration and consequently hearing is used to ‘see’ that which the eye cannot; scientific vibration based practices to explore the geological structures buried in rock, the child not yet born (sonar), the tapping of train wheels to detect fractures, the car’s past embedded in the rusty folds of its current form. It is a collision between aesthetic disciplines, between makers and approaches. But it is the actual collision; the event in the body of the wreck itself, which Marx and Loveday aims to explore in this piece of ‘forensic music’, by drawing a voice from the hollow body of an abandoned car.

Performed by Vusi Ndebele, Sisekelo Pila and Barry Sherman.

THE SUBSTATION, Wits East Campus, Braamfontein
Thursday 21 to Friday 29 September 2006 at 19h00
Book at Computicket
Enquiries 011.717.1376

Limited Seating Available

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