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September 22, 2006

MESH #19:


Global/Regional Perspectives

Experimenta will launch the latest issue of MESH at Newcastle Region Art Gallery! :: Friday 29 September 2006, 6.30pm :: 1 Laman Street, Newcastle.

MESH#19 looks at the relation of the local to the global by focussing on specific media art and screen-based practices around the world. The six articles commissioned by Experimenta highlight contemporary media arts that are an expression of current cultural movements in Europe, South America, the Middle East, New Zealand and North and Central America.

Each article provides insightful and thought-provoking explorations of current trends in the creative applications of technological development, the cultural contexts from which media art practice emerges, and cultural reactions to the practice and exhibition of media art.

With full-colour images, references for further research and highlighted key words and concepts, Mesh #19 is an excellent resource for artists, curators, writers, researchers, students as well as those with a general interested in contemporary arts.


F FOR FAKE [NET ART]: Or how I Iearned to manipulate the media to tell the truth by DOMENICO QUARANTA, Europe. Translation from Italian by Anna Carruthers.

Media manipulation is probably one of the greatest issues this Millennium. Now more than ever, truth is unstable, nebulous and difficult to grasp as it is hidden under layers and layers of information. But if the media manipulate truth, they can be manipulated in turn to interfere with the flux of information, so as to make it clearer or even thicker. This article aims to explain the rules at play in today's European net art, and reflect on the relationship between reality and fiction, information and manipulation, the artificial and authentic, drawing on the latest amazing fake by 0100101110101101.org (United We Stand), UBERMORGEN.COM's [F]originals (forged originals) and the cruel hyper-realism of the Where-next website (MOLLEINDUSTRIA + GUERRIGLIAMARKETING). PDF version.


TELECOMMUNICATION ART IN BRAZIL by MARTHA CARRER CRUZ GABRIEL, Global Practices :: Artist and scholar Martha Gabriel takes up the dialogue about telecommunications in the context of language as our main mode of communication and shared meaning and discusses the inherent challenges of translation. The artworks she presents include those that use telematics, SMS (short message service), mobile phones and telephone on the web. Gabriel details an ongoing net.art project titled VoiceMosaic that she designed and presented at SIGGRAPH Art Gallery 2006 which uses intelligent voice technologies on the web, converging phone and web.

This article is about artworks that use telecommunications technologies and aims to discuss some Brazilian artists whose works are representative of telecommunication art. Of course I do not have the pretension here of covering the entire Brazilian panorama of artistic manifestation in telecommunication art since Brazil is a country with continental territorial dimensions, with cultural differences among regions and broad artistic production. The aim here is to give a ‘taste’ of the Brazilian scene in this area through the presented artists and their works. PDF version.

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