September 14, 2005



Erotica and Violence in the Space-Time Relations

EXIST [CORRESPONDENCE] DIÁRIOS JAPONESES – NIHON NIKKI – JAPANESE DIARIES ‘ Entre um ser e outro há um abismo’ [Bataille] is an interactive video installation and TELEMATIC performance by Rachel ROSALEN, Brazil; invited artist as LIVE collaborator for the telemátic performance, shin-ya b., Tokyo. This project took place at prog:ME, July 19 to August 28, 2005.

EXIST [CORRESPONDENCE] - DIÁRIOS JAPONESES is a media art project that discusses erotica and violence in the space-time relations lived by bodies-in-flux in the postindustrial metropolis. Built in the creases, this foreign body and in traffic is supported by erroneous roots, approached in the net’s virtuality and lacking bodily presence. This subject who lives in these [anti] territories, draws a diminishing political existence and more technical. Societies of control and contagion, their wounds are evident on the web and symphonized in the urban situations. The body remains as a contaminated act of humanity. These crushed bodies by the failures of the utopias, search on the web and in the difference the love. In this MA*(suspension of space and time), this subject acts through the contemporary versions of masks: avatars, fiction bodies launched in simulated adventures. The relations of proximity and distance are always imaginary. Disterritorialised and lonely, they ask themselves: does Correspondence exist?

EXIST [CORRESPONDENCE] - DIÁRIOS JAPONESES creates many approximation strategies in this everyday impact with the ‘abysm between one being and another’ of which Bataille tells us about. Its this abysm, this black hole, this vertigo that lyes on the skin of the image that reveals in the installation. There are various layers in space and time that are overlapped: the Japanese diaries create a direct counterpoint for the plain net image. If these images (from the diaries) gives us the body-to-body, the confrontation and the denudation before the other, the web gives us dissimulation, the fragmentation and the “superficiality” of a correspondence that is marked by absence.

EXIST [CORRESPONDENCE] - DIÁRIOS JAPONESES is a procedural work built by layers. The images of the diaries form a loop where this suspension is pierced by images used on LIVE. This tension between time and intensity, duration and fragility, proximity and distance, design the rhythm of this correspondence. First layer: video loop of Japanese diaries. Second layer: a telematic correspondence performed in real time using video streaming, performed between two artists between Japan and Brazil gives continuity to the idea of diaries. Third layer: these images of the loop are available into keyboards, connected to two projectors. A program in director links the images used on LIVE to the letter keys of the keyboard. Through them, each user may (re)construct this “situation” of correspondence, in the attempt of building “a bridge between one being and another” throughout the recognition of this abysm of which speaks Bataille.

* MA: Japanese concept, which means space-time suspension, the interval between the inside and the outside in architecture, the retention of the arrow on the bow before it, is launched.

Telematic live performance
G4 dual 1.4 GHz
Pentium IV 256 GHz
QuickTime Player PRO
I Chat

Interactive Installation

2 Pentium IV 256 GHz
QuickTime Player PRO
Director 8.5

Other equipments:

Two projectors de 1500 ansilumens
4 speakers
Space: dark room 7 X 5 mts2.

Techinical assistance: André SHEIK - Programming in Director: Marcos FONSECA, Performance in the Diários Japoneses: Youichirou Osawa, Rachel Rosalen special thanks to: Kabum, Brígida Baltar, Higure 17-15 CAS, IKKA studio.
Rachel Rosalen Visual Artist, graduated in ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM, with a master degree in MULTIMEDIA ART from UNICAMP, BRAZIL. The artist’s career path has three fundamental axes that get together: the body, the image and the city. With a route specially punctuated by research on the body as a media, the result of which are performances, site specifics and video-installations. Invited professor at SENAC post graduation course, São Paulo. Live and work in between São Paulo, Tokyo and Italy. In 2003 got the Artist in Residence fellowship from Japan Foundation to make an interactive video installation in Tokyo.

shin-ya b.

Born 1967. Lives in Tokyo. Earned M.F.A. from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, USA shin-ya b. has been working in different dynamics of fields ranged from film festivals / museum to personal web site / street performances. His works have been shown in many different film festivals including onedotzero and ResFest. He is currently collaborating with toru yamanaka - one of the original sound creators of dumb type, YEN (Yutaka Fukuoka - YEN calling), Kyota Takahashi, and 3KG. Most of his works deal with "accidental panorama - inevitable happenings within accidental cause and pattern recognition" which usually visuals are drawn from his daily personal visions that processed thru digital medium. His show highlights includes Modern Art Museum Kobe, Asahi Art Festival, Tokyo Designers Block and Gallery Art Space (Aoyama, Tokyo).

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