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June 26, 2007

Movie Cards

Movie Cards is a unique workshop project by MIYABARA Mika and SUGIMOTO Tatsuo. They are interested in the generation of a creative community and the relationship between society and media. At the workshop, every participant is able to edit video easily. The system consists of the real cards made of paper. Each card is represented of a piece of video scene. Participants could get the way of thinking creative and critical through the process of making video with others. The finished moving images would be a new alternative independent media. It is a simple video editing tool and no need of any technical knowledges. It is useful for understanding and learning the expression of moving images. It can be use for media study class. Students will become conscious of the force and effect of editing. They could understand daily visual media are edited with someone's intention. Moving image media are daily thing. But we can access them as only viewing. It was one-sided relationship. Now, we can really make moving images and become a alternative filmmaker. [via mediateletipos]

Posted by jo at June 26, 2007 11:42 AM