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June 26, 2007

Metabiosis - Go Forth & *


Call for Participation

Metabiosis - Go Forth & * by Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk :: Medialounge, The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1RL :: Opening: 11 July 7 - 9pm :: Exhibition runs from 12 July until 17 August 2007 :: 10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Create your own data-packet to live on a network of computers. Give your packet a personality! Is it shy? Outgoing? Is it afraid to leave its home or is it more of a traveler? Is your packet screaming for attention or is it more of a loner? Answer the questions and set your packet free. Your packet will soon bump into other packets, and start to interact, maybe even to breed, but its limited lifespan means that one day it must face the inevitable ... packet heaven. Follow your packets ups and downs, its travels and its offspring by following its journeys through the three computer based ecosystems in this installation.

Metabiosis — Dependence of one organism on another for the preparation of an environment in which it can live. Metabiosis is a collection of works about digital life and autonomous creation processes. We are developing, writing, sketching, investigating and working on a series of sub projects, with as a final goal a software that combines all our efforts. Because we are working in a modular way, we cannot predict the eventual results, but at the moment we’re working on creating small ecosystems on a network of computers. In these ecosystems you’ll be able to seed little packets of data. The packets are in reality only a set of numbers, but they do have some special features. The packets can jump to other computers with ecosystems, they can reproduce and they can die. This system of networked ecosystems, inhabited by self replicating data packets, is an experiment and a game for those who are curious about the possibility of digital life in the ever growing ecosystem of connected computers.

This website contains articles about different aspects of Metabiosis: the code, texts with thoughts, ideas and research, input that gives us new ideas, and information about events such as exhibitions or performances.

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