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May 02, 2007

Upgrade! Brussels/Ghent


Courtisane Festival for Shortfilm, Video and New Media

Upgrade! Brussels/Ghent: Courtisane Festival for Shortfilm, Video and New Media :: May 3-6, Vooruit, Ghent. From the part of Frictions, platform for media art at Vooruit, your special attention for:

From Safety to Where -- exhibition :: May 3-6 (daily from 13.00 to midnight - ballroom and studio's - free entrance): From Safety to Where gathers video and audiovisual installations where urges and senses rule supreme, where nature turns your world upside down or where nature is the lost piece in the puzzle that makes everything right, where violence can be a catalyst and music is salvation for the soul. (With Aernoudt Jacobs, Jacob Kirkegaard, Lars Nilsson, Jeremy Shaw and Richard T. Walker)

Andrea Bozic: Still life with man and woman -- dance performance :: May 3-6 (20.00 - dome - 11/8 euro): A film set within a live performance with uninvited apparitions, imaginary friends and some real people: a man and a woman. One follows the other but they never manage to end up in the same space. Instead, the space develops a life of its own.

FrictiesSalon: Gerard Holthuis :: May 5 (18.30 - dansstudio - free entrance): Gerard Holthuis recently finished his series 'Careless Reef', six films about life underseas and managed to snatch several international prizes right away. He is the central guest in the FrictiesSalon where we would like to hear him speak about different modes of watching and his peculiar fascination for underwater life and city landscapes.

Christian Marclay's 'Screen Play' -- audiovisual performance :: May 6 (20.00 - theatrehall - 10/8 euro): With Screen Play Christian Marclay made a silent visual score that combines found filmfootage and graphics. Three trio's will bring their interpretation of Marclay's visual score: Greg Kelley/Bhob Rainey/Jason Lescalleet, Tetuzi Akiyama/Ignatz/Stef Irritant en Steve Beresford/John Butcher/Paul Lovens.

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