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May 01, 2007



Call for Submissions

OK.VIDEO MILITIA: 3rd Jakarta International Video Festival, Indonesia :: July 10 - 21 July, 2007 :: Call for VIDEO IN / VIDEO OUT / TV SCRATCHING / VIDEO SHOP / WORKSHOPS SERIES :: DEADLINE MAY 15, 2007.

OK.VIDEO: O.K. Video – biannual Jakarta International Video Festival that was established in 2003 by ruangrupa, an artists’ initiative based in Jakarta that focuses on supporting the development of the arts in the specific context of culture in Indonesia through research, study and documentation, along with intensive collaboration and cooperation with artists through organizing exhibitions, artist residency programs, art projects and workshops.

OK.VIDEO: MILITIA: In this 3rd OK.Video Festival, we will try to develop a collaboration work between the artistic team of the festival with the participating artists or with the context of a certain public space. This collaboration work will try to get an artistic strategy that could be fit with the context of the community, public and certain space. The theme of the 3rd Ok. Video Festival is “MILITIA”, means to empowered the civilians in a more organize way or by plan so it also mobilize and connected with some activity that push some changes which is initiated from itself.

In this context, we relate this theme with the development of video as the medium in the society today. With this focus we will try to empower the society as a technology and media user to build a social, political, cultural, and historical consciousness towards the reality that happened in our surroundings.

With MILITIA, as the theme of this year festival, the festival will be showing video works that have this kind of tendencies:

- playing or questioning video/audio technology in our daily life such as video camera, digital camera, videophone, computer, television, surveillance camera, etc.
- investigation, which is raise a social, political and cultural issue or situation that happened in our surroundings.
- video exploration, as a strategy to empower the society such as community video.
- presenting history with personal point of view.
- showing personal experience or society in the daily life with video diary or testimony.

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