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March 23, 2007

MediaRuimte + LAb[au]


B.I.O. Project + EOD02

B.I.O. Project _ Gangpol und Mit [ wwilko / fr ] + mik.musik.! [ pl ] :: B.I.O. project is an original music & visuals project, kind of encounter between two groups of Polish and French artists across a trip in the city of Budapest. Catchy electro or crooner songs, colorfull cartoon or street shootings visuals, every original material you'll hear or see in this project comes from their work in this incredible city of Budapest: traditional anthems, radio sampling, video, slides or super8 shootings, short street happenings, local toys bending, scratches from hungarian second-hand records, vocals from hugarian learning method.

This special european encounter project started with workshop in Budapest (Hu), will continue with workshop in Poznan (Pl), then will be on tour both in France (february) and Poland (march), as a 30 minutes original creation adding to regular sonic and visual lives by Gangpol & Mit, Deuce & Marcin Zazeka, and Gilou DJ set. More info >>


LAb[au] + Frederik De Wilde won the Prix Médiatine with EOD02! The 20 year-old Médiatine Prize rewards innovative contemporary art, no matter their thematic or artistic discipline. It is selected by a professional jury and is organized and hosted by the art center of Woluwe Saint-Lambert.

EOD02 is a new media installation founded on special species of fish that perceive, electro-sense, their environment and communicate with each other by emitting electric signals, either in pulses or waves. The project explores the normal communication mechanisms of electrical fish, including JAR (the means by which a fish avoids attempts by other fish to jam its frequency) and thus investigates communication and non-communication between individual fish as well as between fish and people.

The installation is based on four aquariums of taintless mirror, each presenting a specific composition of fish producing different electric signals. In each aquarium antennas allows capturing the fish signals which are directly related to four speakers transforming these signals into sound, what we hear is the fish's electric signals_ their communications. Further under each aquarium a light bulb is placed pulsing according to the intensity, rhythm, of the emitted signals of the blind fishes. In this manner the electrical impulses of the fishes drive sound and light, an entire audiovisual space.

EOD02 will be exhibited from 28.03 until 11.04 at La Médiatine.

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