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March 23, 2007

XL Terrestrials



The XL Terrestrials present "THE TRANSMIGRATION OF CINEMA" :: A screening program ranging from art flix to mainstream movies to guerrilla media to ubiquitous online effluvium, all presented in an open forum theater as an interactive and self-diagnostic application that will tell us if we are still connected to human consciousness, and how might we still access a customized and liveable "Operating System" based on un-programmed desires, community and individuation.

The XL Terrestrials, a team of unlicensed psycho-media analysts and illegitimate art practitioners from San Francisco, Berlin and beyond, present this cinematic, theatrical and ecological examination of movies, mass media, the internet, and You, the human species, in the midst of an epic-scale virtual migration.

Recently back from their eastern Europe and Balkan region research expedition, the XL Terrestrials bring you an incredible collection of "no border" cinema in combination with strategies for disengaging the "OS - Spectacle 2.0" in times of war, hypermarkets, and virtual cul de sacs.

Posted by jo at March 23, 2007 01:29 PM