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March 23, 2007



Free OS dedicated to Real Time A/V Processing

pure:dyne has been created to provide a complete and ready made environment for artists and developers who are looking for a free operating system dedicated to real time audio and video processing. The pure:dyne project provides tools and an optimized platform to try out and work on a large range of applications. It comes with optimized and tested software such as Supercollider, Icecast, csound, Packet Forth, fluxus and much more, including of course Pure Data and a great collection of essential externals and abstractions (PDP, PiDiP, Gem, GridFlow, RRadical, PixelTango ...). The Studio "classics" have not been forgotten (Ardour, LADSPA, seq24, Audacity ...) and numerous essential graphics software are also bundled (Inkscape, Gimp, Blender ...).

The pure:dyne project is a growing community effort maintained by media artists for media artists. It is an ideal platform for audiovisual performances, installations and FLOSS+Art workshops and courses.

Key Features:
- Jack oriented GNU/Linux distribution
- Complete FLOSS Home studio solution and live performance system
- No bloat ! fast minimal desktops (fluxbox, evilwm, dwm)
- Live Distribution (works the same on CD, HD, USB, ...)
- UnionFS system and multiuser support
- Low Latency Kernel (Ingo Molnar's -rt kernel patches)
- Support for Firewire audio devices (FreeBoB inside)
- Optionnal support for NVIDIA and ATI evil blobs
- mmx + sse gcc optimisations applied when relevant
- Compatible with any dyne:II modules
- Easy installation, maintenance and update
- SDK tools (dynesdk + milkman) and gcc included for customisations
- International Languages support
- Mactel support
- More modules available via direct download

Website/Doc -> http://puredyne.goto10.org
IRC server -> irc.goto10.org #pure:dyne
MailingList -> http://lists.goto10.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/puredyne


Direct Download mirrors
Torrent (thx to Mute public library)

pure:dyne developers are :
Aymeric Mansoux - http://320x200.goto10.org
Chun Lee - http://sonicvariable.goto10.org
Antonios Galanopoulos - http://stereocilia.goto10.org
Karsten Gebbert - http://krgn.net
Rob Canning - http://www.robcanning.info

GOTO10 would like to thank jaromil (http://rastasoft.org) for providing a very nice base system to work on and on which we can grow pretty things. We would also like to thank everyone on the pure:dyne mailing list for their constant help, feedback and support.

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