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March 16, 2007

Begin your day with the Breakfast Blogs


Exploring the Political + Social Mission of Artistic Practice

BREAKFAST AT PAVILION (A PROJECT INITIATED BY PAVILION MAGAZINE IN THE FRAME OF BUCHAREST BIENNALE) :: BREAKFAST (online) is a series of blogs kept by theoreticians, political analysts, anthropologists, artists and curators. BREAKFAST explores on a theoretical level the political and social mission of artistic practice with its necessity of being contextualized. The blogs are written in English or Romanian depending on each participant`s option. The project has also a live form that includes public debates and conferences on the same issues within social political and aesthetic discourses as discussed online.

BREAKFAST seeks to transcend the traditional borders between research, education and presentation and looks for new ways of expression and communication trying to find new answers to some old questions related to politics, aesthetics and content and to reevaluate the conventions of everyday life. Considering all these, BREAKFAST investigates subjects like rhetoric, populism, technology, humanism, politics, relativism, solidarity, post colonialism or inclusion by means of curatorial, artistic and educational projects.

The first bloggers involved in BREAKFAST are Catalin Avramescu (Professor of Political Science, journalist and political analist), Eugen Radescu (theoretician, curator and co-director of Bucharest Biennale), Felix Vogel (theoretician and curator) and Razvan Ion (theoretician, artist and co-editor of PAVILION magazine). PAVILION magazine is developing its own blog as an informative platform / structure.

The project director of BREAKFAST is Andreea Manolache and the online version is technical designed by Alexandru Enachioaie (alexandru.e[at]gmail.com). Blogs available at http://blogs.pavilionmagazine.org

PAVILION is an international contemporary art & culture magazine whose name alludes to the relative temporary structure of contemporary art. PAVILION`s content varies from articles to essays, interviews and projects`presentations. It is not just a descriptive magazine, its mission is to intervene in cultural and socio-political life.


PAVILION, BUCHAREST BIENNALE & BREAKFAST are projects of artphoto asc.
office: +4 031 103 4131
mobile: +4 0726 789 426 | 0723 033 330
ym: artphotoro
skype: artphotoro
address: PO Box 26-0390 Bucharest 14800 Romania

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