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March 16, 2007

Giselle Beiguelman's nowhere/anywhere/somewhere


The Cinematic Experience of Space in Second Life

Yesterday, NOEMA opened its doors with Giselle Beiguelman's nowhere / anywhere / somewhere which highlights the cinematic experience of space in Second Life. The show runs until April 30, 2007. nowhere / anywhere / somewhere intensely exploits its resources of zooming, camera movements and ways of displacement in the environment. The visualization resources give / create / invent meanings for the artist's images. Fragments of daily life, captured with a mobile phone, the images in this exhibition are a permanent remix process, rendered by the avatars it interacts with.

NOEMA is the world's first nomad art gallery. Specialized in digital art, it is based on Second Life and promotes varied, different-size actions, in physical reality. NOEMA is cutting edge. It proposes a pioneering experience, connected with the boldest concepts of contemporaneity. It is cybrid, because rather than suggesting a media hybridization, Noema proposes (and performs) experiences among on and off-line networks, in concrete and virtual spaces. It is cinematic, because it is located in an immersive and interactive environment that allows new image constellations.

More than a hub of marketing and representation of artists and events, Noema is an innovative project, a creation plant that gathers from the start some of the major names in the digital art scene, such as Mark Amerika, Giselle Beiguelman, Lucas Bambozzi, Vera Bighetti, Gilbertto Prado and Rick Silva, among others.

Not just an exhibition venue, Noema is a space for the launching of films, DVDs and books, performances, lectures and workshops, acting in a partnership with audio/video streaming and e-business companies, which guarantee the quality of its actions.

Giselle Beiguelman is a new media artist and multimedia essayist who teaches Digital Culture at the Graduation Program in Communication and Semiotics of PUC-SP (São Paulo, Brazil). Her work includes the award-winnings "The Book after the Book" "egoscópio" and Landscape0 (with Marcus Bastos and Rafael Marchetti). She has been developing art projects for mobile phones ("Wop Art", 2001), praised by many media sites and the international press, including The Guardian (UK) and Neural (Italy), and art involving public-access, by the web, SMS and MMS to electronic billboards like "Leste o Leste?" and "egoscópio" (2002), released by The New York Times, "Poétrica" (2003) and "esc for escape" (2004). Beiguelman's work appears in important anthologies and guides devoted to digital arts including Yale University Library Research Guide for Mass Media and has been presented in international venues such as Net_Condition (ZKM, Germany), el final del eclipse (Fundación Telefonica, Madrid), Desk Topping - Computer Disasters (Smart Project Space, Amsterdan) Arte/Cidade (São Paulo), The 25th São Paulo Biennial and Algorithmic Revolution (ZKM).

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