February 01, 2007



OWN [SOUND] ART Podcasting

SoundNetwork, a new network for NorthWest UK Artists using sound Present OWN [SOUND] ART Podcasting. Or art by subscription :: Launched 1st February 2007 :: Subscribe for free at www.folly.co.uk/soundnetwork

'Transmission K' by Andres Burbano, Colombia: A retrospective Sci-Fi piece - an inverse reconstruction of the crash of Soyuz 1: In 1967 the BBC in London announced the death of the crew member in this way: “ … He was an experienced cosmonaut, on his second flight, and had completed all his experiments successfully before returning to Earth. But within seconds of landing, just after he re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, the strings of the parachute intended to slow his descent apparently became tangled. The spaceship hurtled to the ground from four miles up. It is likely that Colonel Komarov was killed instantly on impact..."

Podcasting is the broadcast medium of the masses. It is possible for anyone to make and publish a podcast about anything they please and to access a global audience with the click of a mouse. Throughout February 2007 folly, in partnership with SoundNetwork, is publishing a series of specially commissioned podcasts that explore the possibilties of the medium for artists and the distribution of their work in sound. Anyone can subscribe to the series and with each download (1 every week in February) the listener will add a new piece of art to their digital collection.

This series not only explores the practical delivery of sound art on the internet, but also the very nature of communication through broadcasting; from the transmissions of a cosmonaut beyond our own atmosphere, to communicating ideas about spirituality through frequency, and through inviting sounds from our computers to occupy our environment as a backdrop to our own lives.

You can subscribe to the series by visiting www.folly.co.uk/soundnetwork

The series continues with podcasts from Gintas K (8th Feb), Neil Webb (15th Feb) and Antony Hall (22ndFeb).

http://soundnetwork.omweb.org info[at]soundnetwork.org.uk

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