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January 31, 2007

Grey Thumb Meeting Announcement


Chuck Lewin, "Sex And The Single Algorithm"

Grey Thumb features a talk by Chuck Lewin, "Sex And The Single Algorithm :: When: February 5, 2007, 7:00 pm :: Where: The Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant (350 Mass. Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts) :: All are welcome.

Sex And The Single Algorithm: Similarities and Differences in the Reproductive Habits of Biological and Simulated agents: In honor of Valentines day, Chuck Lewin will use selected examples from the natural and artificial world to discuss differences and commonalities in how biological and simulated organisms reproduce, and how they map their genetic characteristics into a functional organism or artificial agent.

Chuck (aka Emanuel) Lewin is an entrepreneur who has founded a number of for-profit and non-profit organizations in the past twenty five years. In 1979 he started L&M Software, a developer of micro computer software. In 1991 he founded, and is presently CEO of, Performance Motion Devices, Inc., a Lincoln, MA-based developer of motion control electronics. In 2001 he founded, and is currently board president of, Art Interactive, a Cambridge-based gallery exhibiting interactive contemporary art. In 2006 he founded, and is presently director of, New Generation Energy, a non-profit focusing on renewable energy. Mr. Lewin was born in Holland and has resided in the US since 1966. He received a BA in Biology from Brandeis University.

Grey Thumb is a group of scientists, engineers, hackers, artists, and hobbyists in the Boston metro area with a strong interest in artificial life, artificial intelligence, biology, complex systems, and other related topics. We get together on the first (non-holiday) Monday of every month to do a blend of socializing, coding and listening to lectures by group members.

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