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January 22, 2007

Robert B. LISEK's



Fundamental Research Lab invites you to the Lecture and the Opening Reception for Robert B. LISEK's GENGINE :: January 25 - February 25, 2007 :: Lecture: Thursday, January 25, 6 pm :: Opening: Thursday, January 25, 6-8 pm :: National Gallery of Art Zacheta, Warsaw.

Gengine, the first part of project SUPRAMIND that aims to build a general-purpose intelligent system based on a visual inference engine which allows us to solve problems by extracting new information from existing. Gengine module use genetic programming as an automated "invention machine". In the Zacheta Gallery presentation the DNA of the members of Fundamental Research Lab has been used. After the translation, the sequences have been treated by various genetic programming techniques. The output sequences have been used to create extraordinary diagrams, objects and instructions on what works to make. Each object alludes to the different conditions that include not only mathematical, but also social and philosophical roots.

The purpose of the whole project Supramind is to create a artificial general intelligence ‘implants’ [SUPRAGII], i. e., programs that can be used to solve problems in many completely different fields.

The next modules of the project SUPRAMIND in preparation:

2. visual inference engine based on dynamic probabilistic logic network (NYU)
3. knowledge representation engine based on hyperposets (ready core >> FLOAT project, LMCC NYC) and optional Suprabot extensions:
4. open source game engine for visualization and sensing (UTD)
5. robotic sensimotor interface (the Hanson Robotics)
6. natural language processing interface (UTD)

The SUPRAMIND is sponsored by the Arts Links, the University of Texas at Dallas, and in cooperation with the Harvestwork Digital Media Arts Center in New York.

Robert B. LISEK is an artist, mathematician and a founder of FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH LAB; he is involved in the number of projects focused on alternative art strategies, hacktivism and artificial intelligence. A pioneer of art based on GAI (general artificial intelligence). His visionary combination of GAI and telerobotics explores the possibility of building distributed, intelligent entities.

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