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January 23, 2007

Upgrade! Lisbon


Marta de Menezes

Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporânea welcomes next Wednesday, January 24th @19:00, Upgrade! Lisbon’s monthly gathering featuring artist Marta de Menezes. Entrance is free and drinks will be served.

Marta de Menezes (Lisbon, 1975) has been exploring the interconnections between Art and Biology, by working in scientific research institutes and by showing that biological techniques can be used as a medium for artistic creation. In 1999, de Menezes created her first biological art project (Nature?) by modifying living butterflies’ wings patterns. Since then she has explored several biological techniques, namely Functional Magnetic Ressonance of the brain, in order to create portraits of the mind (Functional Portraits, 2002), fragments of fluorescent DNA, in order to create micro-sculptures in the nucleus of human cells (NucleArt, 2002), sculptures made with proteins (Proteic Portrait, 2002), with DNA (Inner Cloud, 2003) or with living neurons (Tree of Knowledge, 2005). De Menezes’s work has been widely shown in exhibitions, publications and lectures. She is currently Ectopia’s (Gulbenkian Institute for Science’s experimental art laboratory) artistic director

For this edition of the Upgrade! Lisbon, Marta de Menezes will discuss how biology and biological technologies can constitute a new medium for artistic creation.

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