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January 10, 2007



Physical and Programming Commitment

Teleklettergarten -In collaboration with the group FOK, Bitnik reconfigured the facade of the art university in Linz to become the world largest keyboard. The facade was converted into a climing wall with oversized keyboard keys and buttons as a input interface for a computer. The visitors who participated in Teleklettergarten passed through a trainee programm and where trained as software developers. Through physical commitment the climbers and the programmers collaboratively inputed code into an oversized programming environment. In a week-long performance the collaborators programmed codes, scripts and tools and demonstrated various software functions.

Aim of the Teleklettergarten was not only to make programming a physical experience but to also use this public and collaborative programming interface to collectively demonstate against the arbitrary awarding of software patents for core functions which are the basis of day-to-day work with computers. By ensuring that the illegal action (the execution of patented code) is performed by an anonymous collective, no single person can be made responsible whilst being able to publicly demonstrate the restriction these patents mean for programmers and for the whole user community. [via VVork]

Posted by jo at January 10, 2007 12:11 PM