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January 10, 2007



Cinematic and Immersive VR Experiences

The purpose of the Neurornet will be to facilitate cinematic and immersive virtual reality experiences across distances. These will include almost every type of experience imaginable with some of the most obvious being real-time video chat, video streaming, virtual reality travel, history, adventure, gaming, entertainment, sports, hobbies, business, education, medicine and training to name just a few.

The Neuronet will function similarly to the Internet in its ability connect users in different locations, but instead of the user interface mechanisms associated with the Internet, it will use Virtual reality (VR) technologies to facilitate cinematic and immersive virtual reality experiences for end-users.

Though similar to the Internet in its ability to connect individuals in different locations, the architecture of the Neuronet will be distinctly different. The entire Neuronet will be hosted on one central server system and then be mirrored to Neuronet metro servers in different geographic locations around the globe. This architecture is required to enable the localized transmission speeds required to facilitate immersive and cinematic virtual reality. The Neuronet will also support real-time peer-to-peer VR and gaming applications.

A special language or series of languages will be developed for transmitting VR data over the Neuronet, which may be referred to as Virtual Reality Over Neuronet Protocol (VRONP). In order to avoid data corruption and security risks, VRONP data will not be transferred over the Internet.

Posted by jo at January 10, 2007 10:00 AM