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January 03, 2007



Three Sonic Objects

Vibrö was a sonic object, at the crossroads of an art multiple an a specialised magazine. Vibrö intended to render experiments in the fields of electroacoustics and Lo-Fi more 'audible'. It also tried to illustrate the growing presence of sound in the fine art practice. Published only three times in a digibox format, vibrö included an audio compilation and a series of cards that catalogue the artists and tracks.

Vibrö #1: The Inside Out Issue: A common phenonem when listening to sound art, is that our ears 'close down' and filter out the so called 'non-musical' or ' non-informative' sounds. This is why we have chosen in this first issue to expose the listener to the plurality of sonic art, just as modern art lead the viewer to rediscover his gaze. The result is Inside Out, an collection of international sound artists whose work covers a wide range of genres; from the radio art of dinahbird and the trio cutty sark, alex hamburger's concrete poetry, the generative music of Project Dark, Mika Vainio and David Toop's different approaches to experimental composition, the field recording of chris watson and cela Čtant, to Frederick Galliay's noise music and Vincent Epplay's installations and the use of sound in cinema that has inspired both Remedios Ayala + Paco Balbuena, and Loris Gréaud.


Vibrö #2: The Broken Tales Issue: Welcome to vibrö 2. While editing the new sampler, we felt there was a vital lead between the works; a lurking fragmentation of the narrative, more obvious when the tracks overtly borrow from films (Scanner, RadioMentale), refer to radio plays (Alejandra et Aeron, William Furlong) or sample travel diaries (Aki Onda, Globi) . In this instance, 'Broken Tales' also deals with the challenged formats of composition (Ryoji Ikeda, _ER__A_D_A_G_E_, Michel Guillet, Jopo Stereo) and new functions of the voice trapped by the machine (Goran Vejvoda, Serge Comte). Thank you all again for the encouraging response to our first issue (press). We are constantly seeking new material in the shape of audio files (contributions), texts and links (theory) so that vibrö continues to be a rhizomic, informative and engaging platform for sound art.


Vibrö #1: The Citizen Band Issue: A “double entendre” issue, Citizen Band, is referring to democratic endeavours, home-made radio devices and programs, also paying a tribute to small studios where sound collages, Concrčte and Acousmatic musics were born, soon after world war II. Today, at the other end of the home-studio, the Internet stream is enlarging the scope of transmissions and signals. Following the inventive spirit of Pierre Schaeffer, just like Christian Zanési, the artists presented on Citizen Band, are still linked to the radio waves that have been propelling sound towards a myriad of intimate spaces. A series of works dealing with frequencies and the improper use of technology (Stephen Vitiello, Eva Sjuve, SI_COMM), reception and broadcasting tools (Tonic Train, Pete Stollery, Tereza Neuma), field recording (Zoe Irvine) or sound collages where the voice plays an essential part (Aymeric de Tapol, Joan Schuman, Mark Vernon, Alan Dunn & Jeff Young).

Posted by jo at January 3, 2007 12:44 PM