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January 03, 2007



Audio Art Podcasting

What is "silent" about this webpage? And what has it to do with radio? - This website is full of sounds, and what is available there, in best artistic quality, are audiofiles "on demand" or podcasts, not a linear (radio) program. However, the term "radio" in the title is the aesthetic point of reference and directs the attention to the multitude of radiophonic composition principles, which inspired all of the 50 pieces presented here. At the same time it creates the allusion, that the number of radio programs, which distributes prodution like this, is globally declining dramatically. Reknown Audio Artists, like for example Zbigniew Karkowski, Jean-François Augoyard, Chris Watson, Marcus Gammel have given their sound pieces to SilenceRadio.org. Four times per year, the Belgian website-producers make new compositions available.

If you click the website, you will find a number of moving, colourful circles, or - like the website's makers call them - "pastilles". Each pastille is filled with sounds and represents a radiophonic production, which can be listend to "on demand" or as a podcast. The pastilles' colours refers to similar genres and styles: pieces, reportages, which are centred around text and original sounds, exist there beneath mixes, which are close to noise music or soundscape composition. The website understands itself as a listening room for radiophonic productions, and as a kind of sonic "department store", which gives its offers away for free.

However, SilenceRadio.org takes care, that the basic authors' and composers' rights will not be violated, as it makes use of the "creative commons" licence system.

Those, who want to contribute with own productions, can get in touch with the website's producers. For SilenceRadio.org's second birthday there will be open calls going out, encouraging users to create remixes from the already published productions.

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