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November 17, 2006

MAAP-Multimedia Art Asia Pacific



MAAP-Multimedia Art Asia Pacific :: OUT OF THE INTERNET :: features: *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS (Fukuoka), Feng Mengbo (Beijing), LIM + PHUA (Singapore), Iain Mott (Melbourne) , YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES (Seoul) :: Opening: 6:00pm Thursday 30 November :: Exhibition: 1 December – 25 January 2007 :: State Library Queensland, Stanley Place, South Bank.

OUT OF THE INTERNET as the theme for this years festival considers artists that are working in or connected through internet art practice. The festival explores locations and contexts that host the artists’ work to concretely realize the medium in a tiered series of situations. Without a whimsical word to say about cyberspace (the space in-between the physical location of a computer server and retrieval monitor) the task was set to realize presence in a range of locations from elite museums, galleries, library networks and into a cascade of urban spaces. The central exhibition is mounted in the newly rebuilt State Library of Queensland in Brisbane while the Institute of Modern Art host Singapore artists LIM + PHUA. In Shanghai, The Zendai Museum of Modern Art hosts Iain Mott.

In New York the Museum of Modern Art host a presentation in their MediaScope series by *CANDY FACTORY PROJECTS in conjunction with 'out of the internet'. And 'out of the internet' coincides YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES online commission by Tate, London.

OUT OF THE INTERNET as a global exhibition takes a further step into the exploration of how we might consider and engage with artworks that ‘breath the air’ of the information age. It draws back to a dialogue with Seth Siegelaub’s ground breaking exhibition ‘July, August, September 1969’ where he arranged 11 artists to show in 11 different locations around the world and included artists such as Lawrence Wiener, Jan Dibbets, Joseph Kosuth and Sol LeWitt. A seminal figure of the conceptual art movement, Siegelaub was absorbed with the speed of communication and the transference of ideas rather than objects. In transcripts from an original interview by Patricia Norvell, Siegelaub describes the redundant nature of the museum space and challenges the New York centric nature of the art world. In some respects, the exhibition is putting to test working in reverse from Siegelaub’s position. The artists are circulating in the world through the internet already and it is not a simple mono cultural field in which these artists operate. The artists’ activities are apprehended through a span of online audiences, literature sites, university teaching programs, online gaming sites, information porn sites, nightclub entertainment, community workshops and galleries. The artwork is in fact apprehended by audiences in multiple fields simultaneously and puts challenge to Pierre Bourdieu’s pure sense of a singular view to the way art is perceived in its cultural field. The exhibition shepherds the work back into taking a material or contextual form in the museum to achieve an authority integrating different fields in which the artists operate and joining an official art history canon. Making a representation of all the works in the State Library of Queensland adds another dimension or escape route out of the closed museum context. ‘out of the internet’ then grafts onto the established library networks via links on library home pages all over the world, filtered through museum authority.

OUT OF THE INTERNET International Symposium:
Time: 1pm – 6pm Date: Sunday 3 December Place: slq Auditorium 2,
State Library of Queensland
This symposium examines the position of online artwork and the implications of the internet in fine art culture and community cross overs in Australia, Asia and internationallyA free event, essential to register: info[at]maap.org.au

MOVE ON ASIA - DVD Programme: The curators of twelve art spaces from six countries in Asia, presents 22 emerging artists.

OUT OF THE INTERNET (and into the world): Community workshops developed by Fatima Lasay focusing on open source software for artists working in the Philippines.

Date: Friday 1 December Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Place: slq 2 auditorium State Library Queensland: A chance to hear international and national internet artists speak about their practice

Manhua Wonderlands
Date: 1 December – 25 January 2007.
A major media arts exhibition and education initiative involving established and emerging artist working directly with Asian communities and site-specific venues which include karaoke clubs and purikura sticker booths. Manhua Wonderlands has developed an extensive network of public presentations, screening and links over 330 libraries, schools, museums, and urban sites in a common viewing experience. Manhua Wonderlands hosts major presentations by artists; Jemima Wyman, Van Sowerwine, Alice Lang, Luke Ilett, Jean Poole: curated by Thea Baumann

Further information info[at]maap.org.au

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