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November 15, 2006

WGBHs Lab Sandbox


Open Content Initiative

WGBHs online Lab, a virtual space designed to explore new content creation opportunities, with a focus on new media, launches its new video Lab Sandbox feature. This addition to the Labs current features, including the 6:55 Shorts: Open Call and the Filmmakers-in-Residence program, invites users to experiment with archived WGBH content. The WGBH Lab aims to support the innovative work of independent filmmakers and open the doors of WGBH to new voices and ideas.

The Lab Sandbox is an open content initiative modeled along the lines of the Find it, rip it, mix it, share it BBC Creative Archive. Lab Sandbox is an online space within the WGBH Lab where the users can gain access to use rights-cleared, WGBH-owned content to use for their own (non-commercial) purposes. The public is invited, but not required, to share the results of their work by posting a link to the site. Users will be able to post comments on each others work.

As with all programs in the WGBH Lab, the Lab Sandbox is meant to push open the doors of WGBH and to invite in new, diverse and innovative voices, said Boston Media Productions Executive-in-Charge Denise DiIanni.

The Lab Sandbox features different selected video clips, including some with themes of science, nature and history. WGBH aims to build on the selection currently offered by getting feedback from users about their need for open content, and by clearing the rights for additional content.

About WGBH: WGBH informs, inspires, and entertains millions of people throughout New England. Bostons last remaining independent TV station, WGBH is the leading producer of PBS prime-time programs and online content, a major producer for public radio, and a pioneer in educational multimedia and services that make media accessible for people with disabilities.

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