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October 30, 2006

Mil i una veus-Mil y una voces


Thousand and one voices

Orquestra del Caos presents the sound art festival MIL I UNA VEUS (thousand and one voices) next 3rd and 4th of November in CCCB (Contemporary Culture Centre in Barcelona), focused on the research of unconventional and artistic use of the human voice.

Featuring concerts by David Moss and José Iges. Presentations by Bartolomé Ferrando and Eduard Escoffet, and a selection of over 150 sound pieces by other artists organized in four collections for individual consultation: "Text Sound", "Radio Radio", "Linebreak", "Música electroacústica i veu" and "Camí fressat: itineraris per les escriptures contemporànies"; and two collections for public audition with eight loudspeakers: "Le sixte livre dit éléctroacoustique de François Rabelais" (GMEB) and "Octofonies per a Veus" (Simon Fraser University).

With interviews and works by : Charles Amirkhanian, Bruce Andrews, Paul Auster, Milton Babbitt, Michael Basinski, Jacques Bekaert, Françoise Barrière, José Manuel Berenguer, Charles Bernstein, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Rainer Boesh, Pierre Boeswilwald, Bufffluxus, William Burroughs, cris cheek, Michel Chion, Henry Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Robert Creeley, Hugh Davies, Francis Dhomont, Jane Draycott & Elizabeth James, Stephen Erickson, Barbara Guest, Ray Federman, Ben Friedlander, Madeline Gins, Sten Hanson, Carla Harryman, Georg Katzer, Leo Kupper, Lyn Hejinian, Ake Hodell, Susan Howe, Bengt Emil Johnson, Sianed Jones, Sherwood Lazier, Karen Maccormack, Steve Mccaffery, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Jackson Maclow, Christof Migone, Paul D. Miller (a.k.a DJ Spooky), Robert Normandeau, Lance i Andrea Olsen, Jena Osman, John Oswald, Ted Pearson, Piers Plowright, Michel Redolfi, Roger Reynolds, Jerome Rothenberg, Leslie Scalapino, Ron Silliman, J.A. da Silva, Martin Spinelli, Peter Straub, Ulrich Suesse, Luci Tapahonso, Dennis Tedlock, Fiona Templeton, Daniel Teruggi, Daniel Tosi, Barry Truax, Lawrence Upton, Ben Yarmolinsky,
Cecilia Vicuña, Hannah Weiner, Hildegard Westerkamp, Gregory Whitehead, Ben Wilson, Trevor Wishart and many others.

Free Admission

Programme on http://www.sonoscop.net/
Press information on http://www.sonoscop.net/prensa/

MIL I UNA VEUS is one of Sonoscop's showcases. Sonoscop is the public sound art archive initiative by the Orquestra del Caos, open to anyone for consultation and contribution.

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