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October 30, 2006

Ken Feingold:


Eros and Thanatos Falling/Flying

Ken Feingold: Eros and Thanatos Falling/Flying :: Exhibition at Mejan Labs :: 2nd November – 10th December 2006 :: Opening on November 2nd 5-8 pm. :: Mejan Labs, Akademigränd 3, Stockholm.

For Mejan Labs Ken Feingold will premiere a new work in his Eros and Thanatos series, titled Eros and Thanatos Falling/Flying. Here he suspends two ventriloquist puppets, one in each room of Mejan Labs, from the ceiling so they appear to fly or fall. This ambivalence, a balance between two opposites, is something you can find in several of Feingold's pieces. The mythical characters of Eros and Thanatos were used by Freud in his formulation of drive theory to metaphorically represent the fundamental biological energies of, on the one hand, Eros: life, creativity, growth, and increase in tension, and on the other, Thanatos: that of the movement towards homeostasis (elimination of all tensions), dissolution, negation, and death. Psychoanalysts who follow Freud’s ideas have characterized these in many different ways, but fundamentally agree that we are constantly driven between stimulation and action by a balance of the forces of these energies, neither one ever found in completely pure state.

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