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October 19, 2006

workshop by JULIAN OLIVER


Art + Game

Art + Game: 3D GAME for ART :: iMAL , Brussels, 27/11 - 1/12/2006.

A workshop about artistic usage of 3d game engines directed by Julian Oliver The workshop will explore artistic usages of 3d game engines, with a particular emphasis on using open source tools. The workshop will be directed by Julian Oliver, an artist internationaly known in the field.

Using Blender as a core development context, Julian will cover rapid protoyping, 3D modeling, event frameworks, game scripting (using Python) and the basics of networking your interactive project with PureData or MaxMSP. In the last day, Julian will introduce how engines such as Soya3D, Ogre3D and QuakeIII can be used for more ambitious projects, using techniques and strategies learned in the first phase of the intensive.

About Julian Oliver: Julian Oliver is a New Zealand born artist, free-software developer, educator and media-theorist. He has presented papers and artworks at many international electronic-art events and conferences. Under the moniker 'delire' he has performed his game-based music software at venues throughout North America, the EU, Japan and the South Pacific. More on selectparks.net/~julian/index.php

Julian has given numerous workshops and master classes in game-design, artistic game-development, virtual architecture, interface design, augmented reality and open source development practices worldwide. In 1998 he established the artistic game-development collective www.selectparks.net.

When ?

Workshop dates are : from Monday 27 NOV to Friday 1 DEC in Brussels. From 10am to 18pm with lunch break.

Where ?

at iMAL office, Centre Dansaert, 7 rue d'Alost, 1000 Brussels.

Registration > registration form

Only through the registration form. The workshop will accept a maximum of 12 participants. The participation fee is 80 EUROS.

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