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October 19, 2006

Halsey Burgund


Performance of One Hundred and Four Thousand

The Forest Hills Educational Trust will be hosting a performance of Halsey Burgund’s One Hundred and Four Thousand :: WHEN: Friday, October 27th at 8PM :: WHERE: Forsyth Chapel at Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, MA :: $8 :: Tickets purchased at the door. More information and directions to Forest Hills.

Burgund wrote One Hundred and Four Thousand for the current art exhibit at the cemetery and this event will be the premiere performance of the piece. You can hear the studio recorded version here. The piece was created by stitching together fragments of interviews of cemetery visitors and employees - conducted on the cemetery grounds in the Spring of this year – with traditional instrumentation to yield an original piece of music intended to be heard while at the cemetery.

For the live performance, Burgund will be playing marimba and piano as well as using sampling technologies to trigger the voices. He will be joined by Peter Bailey on guitar and MIDI guitar, Javier Caballero on cello, Bennett Miller on upright and electric bass, Michael O’Connor on sax, flute and clarinet and Bekka Schellenberg on violin. They will also be using live electronic manipulations to recreate some of the desired effects as well as take it one step further by using surround sound to put the audience right in the middle of the piece. There will be a Q&A session for those interested in learning more about the piece and Halsey’s composition techniques as well as the performance of several other shorter pieces to round out the evening. [Related]

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