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September 26, 2006

Temporary Travel Office


Irregular Update

The Temporary Travel Office irregular update:

1. The TTO was invited to present our 2004-5 audio tour of the Chicago Technology Park, a self-guided exploration of spatial eugenics in Chicago's Near West Side, in MAPQUEST, an exhibition at PS122 in Manhattan, NY.

Details: Exhibiton on view from September 16 – October 9, 2006 at PS122Gallery, NY. :: Works by: Lize Mogel and Dario Azzellini - Daniel Blochwitz - Cartographic Perspectives: Map Art - Center for Urban Pedagogy (with Eric Schuldenfrei, Marisa Yiu, and Rosten Woo- Ewen Chardronnet - The Friends of William Blake- Elise Gardella - Ryan Griffis/Temporary Travel Office - Ashley Hunt - Lasse Lau - Nadxieli Mannello - Carlos Motta- Sarah Ross - Gregory Sholette - curator Elena Sorokina.

Mapquest brings together work by artists, activists, writers and organizers, involved in experimentation with critical and dissident cartography. The exhibition examines various mapping strategies employed as response to specific social and political issues. Working not unlike investigative journalists, some participants conduct and map in-depth research of themes such as the functioning of private military contractors or recruitment centers. Others design maps as tools, featuring information that can be used to support for social action. In a similar vein they employ mapping strategies to produce alternative knowledge about networks of power and control in urban spaces.

The exhibition ran from September 17 through October 9, 2006 at PS122 Gallery, New York.

Acknowledgements to Benj Gerdes and Daniel Tucker.

2. For the Conflux 2006 conference/festival of psychogeography, the Travel Office led a Parking Public bus tour (actually, a 12 passenger van) through downtown Brooklyn during a rainy rush hour. Parking Public is an ongoing series of tours and investigations into the mechanics and politics of parking lots in the United States. Despite the negative conditions, the van was full. Sites included the Grant Ave. Municipal Parking Field in east Brooklyn, an Edison Properties surface lot, and the BAM Local Development Corporation's South Site (a former city owned parking lot now the future site of a Frank Gehry designed theater).

A text summarizing the research (titled: Public Parking Revisited: The Storage of Utopia), with some specific emphasis on Brooklyn is now available online as part of Glowlab's 10th issue of their regular publication. http://glowlab.com/lab2/issue.php?project_id=143&issue_name=13

3. COMING SOON! The Parking Public project will soon have a self-guided audio tour for each of the four completed locations (Downtown Los Angeles,CA; Hollywood, CA; Champaign, IL; Brooklyn, NY) and video document. http://temporarytraveloffice.net/hollywood/parking.html

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